Struggling to get full travel out of your AM9? 


It is quite a progressive beast isn’t it?  Fear not, for here at Bird we do like to listen to our customers, so have developed a “Reduced Rising Rate” (RRR) linkage just for you.  It drops the total rising rate down from a whopping 49% down to a nicely poppy 29%.


Our semi-domesticated engineering guru Dan has been running one for a few months on his AM9, here’s what he has to say:


“The RRR linkage makes the travel more usable on the AM9 for most riders running air shocks. If you already regularly use full travel on your AM9, or if you run a coil, then you may prefer the original AM9 linkage.  I run a triple R linkage with a megneg which provides nice mid stroke support with good pop for jumps, as well as great traction.”


UPDATE:  We have run the numbers and this linkage also works on the Aeris 120 and Aether 7. On the Aeris 120 it gives you close to 30% rising rate and 130mm travel; This linkage can be considered to be an alternative to the 120 LT linkage. It is also compatible with the Aether 7 if you want a touch less rising rate (30% instead of 35%), and like the anodized look.


Manufactured for us in the UK (except for the bearings).


Please make sure you check the collet axle fitting instructions here before attempting to remove your pivot axles.