Thanks to the lightweight Fazua drive system, the 'RISE' challenges everything you think you already know about E-mountain bikes.

Gone are the cumbersome, heavy, unplayful characteristics that typically come to mind, get ready for an electric mountain bike you can manual, pump and properly shred.

Choose from three levels of assistance or pedal without any help, just as you would on a non-motorized bike.

Feel the tailwind and extend your battery runtime.
Up to 125W of power.

Add some solid power and sail the trail.
Up to 250W of power.

Rock on!
Up to 400W of power.


First look in MBR April

"An e-bike that looks and rides like a cutting edge hardtail? Sounds intriguing..."

"In fact, the Fazua motor has a really smooth power delivery, so you rarely wheelspin"

"...less power means you’re not slamming into stuff at the same speed on the ascent"

"HIGHS: Simple modular drive system, removable battery for home charging, doesn’t look like an e-bike."



MB Magazine - Issue 62

“Essentially this is the story of me being convinced an e-bike hardtail is a good idea. On the right terrain the Rise is an absolute blast to ride and has proved that slapping a motor on a good hardtail does make an awesome bike.“

“Once things get exciting the Rise shows its British heritage and opens up as a capable descender. The low bottom bracket, big wheels with proper tyres keep things tracking, and corners are railed with confidence and traction.“

“Without a doubt the best e-hardtail I have ever ridden. A beautifully executed motor system paired with some well thought out geometry and speccing make for a brilliant riding experience.“

Kinesis Rise PRO E-TRAIL Hardtail Mountain Bike

Color: Galactic Blue
  • Brakes: TRP Slate T4.
    Cassette: SRAM GX Eagle 10-50t.
    Chain: SRAM GX Eagle 12-Speed.
    Shifter: SRAM GX Eagle 12-Speed.
    Derailleur: SRAM GX Eagle 12-Speed.
    Crankset: FSA Alloy E-Crank - 165mm.
    Forks: X-Fusion E-Slide 34 - 130mm.
    Grips: DMR Deathgrip.
    Handlebars: FSA Grid Low Rise 800mm/35mm clamp.
    Stem: FSA Grid 35mm/35mm clamp.
    Headset: FSA No.57 - Tapered - Top: ZS44/28.6 - Bottom: ZS56/40.
    Seatpost: X-Fusion Manic Dropper 150mm L1 / 170mm L2-L4.
    Tyre Front: Maxxis Minion DHF 29" x 2.5" WT, TR, 3C, EXO.
    Tyre Rear: Maxxis Aggressor 29" x 2.5" WT, TR, EXO.
    Wheels: Sector 9E E-Specific, Boost - 35mm - 29".