Black 60TPI

Tubeless Ready

2.20" - 2C DH Compound: 62a60a

Super Shield Sidewall Protection



2.20" model (ETRTO Carcass size) measures 2.30" from outside tread to outside tread on a 30mm Int Rim.



The SingleTrack has been developed specifically for British riding conditions which are some of the most demanding in the world. The rugged Lake District and Pennines, rocky Welsh valleys and world class wilderness and exposure of riding in the Scottish Highlands offer British riders top level adventure mountain biking.


The Single Track is situated in the range between the Trail / XC oriented Tractor and the Enduro / DH Gripper. It has the now iconic MSC Sawtooth side tread which gives you supreme confidence for tackling off camber sections and pulls your front wheel out of ruts and trenches whilst the well-spaced center tread easily sheds mud and gloop in the stickiest conditions. The alternating paddle like center tread takes the load during heavy braking and provides a solid platform for traction when climbing technical slopes.  Reinforced with Super Shield sidewall protection this tyre can handle just about anything you want to throw at it. If you had to pick one tyre as your all season, all trail, all weather choice, this is it. It's as happy at your local trail centre as it is in a high mountain environment.


But these features are only one aspect of this tyre. Its careful design has achieved what has only previously been possible with a high volume casing and made it lighter and faster than before. At only 810g the Single Track's mid-volume carcass has an immense grip to weight ratio which hits the sweet spot between riding capability and all-day performance.  With adventure mountain biking becoming more and more mainstream, riders are taking on more backcountry style riding. The Single Track enables you to ride further and faster whilst retaining a high level of performance you want to make the most of that "all-time" epic descent, or for when it gets wild wherever your adventure takes you!



29 x 2.20" - 990g

27.5 x 2.20" - 895g