Tubeless Ready

2.40" - 3CDH Soft Twin Compound: 62a/48a/42a  Black

NEW -  XTREM SHIELD: Bead to Bead Protections with 4 Ply Design



2.40" model (Carcass size) measures 2.5" from outside tread to outside tread on a 30mm rim. If purchasing 2.40" model to run as a rear tyre please ensure you have sufficient frame clearance!



The seat that all the World Cup professional downhill riders want to occupy. The fastest of the day will be the privileged to sit in the famous “Hot Seat”!


A squarer profile with raised side knobs that give the Hot Seat an extreme grip on all types of terrain and weather conditions. Center knobs are a little higher than in the Gripper, with more spaces and ramp shaped for rolling fast and safe throughout the season and achieving the best results in competition.


NEW 4 Ply - Highest level protection The HOTSEAT XTREM SHIELD is the choice for Enduro, Downhill, and trails of mixed terrain riding on broken, loose and wet ground. The new XtremShield casing takes protection and stiffness to another level. Now there are no more excuses to master the bike park or your favourite track. Perfect for front and rear wheel and to match the Gripper at the back.


A lot of new Enduro and Downhill wheels now feature increasingly wider rims (30-35mm), existing tires designed for 20-25m rim width lose efficiency when their profile is altered, becoming more square in shape. The MSC HotSeat has been designed to maintain the correct angle of the side knobs on 30 to 35mm rim this means the tread blocks are in exactly the right place for amazing cornering grip and speed.



27.5 x 2.40" - 1255g